Tips On Creating A Mini-Apartment In Your House For Your Elderly Mother

Are you planning on having your mother or mother-in-law move into your home? Is your mother worried that she'll lose her independence when she moves into your home? Is she concerned that giving up her apartment means she'll have to give up her personal lifestyle? Here are some ideas to help you convert her room into a mini-apartment:

Kitchen area: Stash a mini-refrigerator inside a large nightstand and place it in a corner, cutting off part of the nightstand''s back so that the fridge doesn't get overheated. Put a microwave on the top, and install tri-cornered shelves over the whole thing to create an open cupboard feel. Store a single-burner hot plate, an electric kettle, and eating implements in the shelf to turn the spot into her own micro-kitchen. 

Living room: Add a small sofa or love-seat for a cozy sitting area. You can either position it against a wall, or use it as a room divider by placing it so only one arm is touching the wall. It will then extend out into the room so that it creates a low partition. Add a coffee table to the front of the couch that can double as a eating area. When choosing the sofa and coffee table, avoid dark colors. Light hues will make the room feel bigger and airy.

Sleeping section: Place her bed in the corner near the door so that it's not readily apparent when a person walks into the room. Making the bed less of a attention-grabber will help to convey the feeling that the room is a private living space. Ask her if she would prefer a twin sized bed in order to save space. Make sure that you select the mattress that will meet her increasing needs as she ages. A soft, squishy mattress may be her preference today, but it could be challenging for her to get out of if she is dealing with increasing mobility issues. 

Entertainment area: Create a well-stocked media center for the focal point of the room. Instead of buying a simple stand, invest in a TV console with plenty of room for her electronic needs. Your mother may decide to invite some of her friends over to use a gaming system for activities targeted to their age group. She could also use the console by herself as part of her exercise routine. The compartments with doors will allow her to keep her retro VHS recorder and VCR tape collection away from the grasp of curious grandchildren. Make sure that there's a comfy chair she can use to relax and watch her favorite shows. This will help her to feel more independent and less obligated to spend every evening in the main living room of the house. 

Storage ideas: A tall armoire takes up less floor space than a low chest of drawers. It can also help to split the room up into smaller segments. Shelves suspended a foot from the ceiling can keep her treasured mementos in view. An over-the-door shoe holder can hold her craft supplies and jewelry, or organize her personal care items. Plant hangers suspended from the ceiling can hold her favorite plants. By using all space effectively, you'll create a sense of belonging and lasting comfort for your mother. 

Turning her room into her own private sanctuary will show her that you view her as more than a live-in babysitter, or another tax deduction. It will allow her to keep her own separate life so that your times together are even more treasured by the both of you. Having her own personal mini-apartment will also allow her to maintain the freedom and autonomy that she's grown accustomed to.

Keep these tips in mind as you look for furniture at retailers like Merlins TV, and let the staff know what you're looking for so they can help you select the best pieces.