Setting Up A Balanced Home Network For Work And Leisure

With high speed Internet making work and play from home a lot easier, many Internet users are seeing some of the more subtle problems that exist even with the fastest connection. Consistency, traffic priorities and security concerns have become a bigger part of the way people manage their connections. Whether you're a home office worker on Internet-supported business or a media aficionado who wants to consume videos and music without sacrificing everything else, consider a few ways that a properly configured router can make your network performance a lot more smooth.

Load Balancing And Quality Of Service

When you use the Internet the traffic that comes in is usually a first come, first serve affair. Downloading a specific file can slow down web browsing and video watching, or it may slow down all three events in order to create a fair slice of Internet traffic or bandwidth.

Modern Internet Service Providers use load balancing to stop your Internet connection from disconnecting everything else just because you started a big download. Many Internet users may be unaware of the maximum download speeds that may come from a specific download, and they may lack the means to limit or throttle specific downloads.

With Quality of Service configured on a router, you can control not only limits for Internet traffic, but priorities for what you download. For example, if you want your videos to continue without compromising quality due to downloads, you can either program the router to place priority on certain video file types or traffic from your video sites of choice.

If you don't want any specific type of traffic to strangle your connection, you can create an overhead threshold that reserves a pool of unused, unclaimed Internet bandwidth. This ensures that your entire connection won't time out, but other programs will still compete for the same amount of bandwidth. A combination of all methods can be tuned for your specific situation.

Gaming And Working Without Conflict

If you play online games for entertainment, you'll want to have some available bandwidth to avoid disconnects or slow performance. If you're a professional gamer, even a small delay due to someone else's actions on the network can ruin your income.

Instead of setting specific traffic priorities, you can reserve an entire set of Internet bandwidth for the game only. Enough network capacity for the game and all of its irregular data needs can ensure great performance as long as your ISP and the game's servers are performing properly.

The downside is that some of your Internet capacity will be permanently wasted, as the reservation isn't made available when not in use. The decision comes down to how important your game is--an issue that rarely comes up in other high-demand data scenarios.

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