5 Tips For Keeping Your TV Safe From Rambunctious Kids

There's nothing more frustrating than having your kids break your TV. Whether it was an errant ball or an overzealous game of tag, it is always an expensive and unnecessary repair. Here are some tips to help you avoid breaking your TV in the first place.

Use a screen protector

You can get screen protectors for TVs, just like you can for smartphones. These can be very beneficial because they will take the brunt of any damage and save your TV's LCD so you can view it another day. When you look for one, focus on a screen protector that uses tempered glass, just like the best screen protectors for cell phones.   

Hang it high

While this won't protect your TV from a flying toy, it can protect it from a quick wrestling match. Place it above a fireplace or even on an empty wall. You can drill a hole behind the TV to place the cords through so they won't be distracting. You could also hang some nice bookshelves (with a plant or picture frame) underneath the TV to make the area decorative. 

Make sure it is secure

It is so important to secure your TV when you have young children in the house. While TV's are lighter than they used to be, they can still do a lot of damage if they tip over or fall off the wall. While many mount kids have drywall screws included, use a stud finder and make sure that you drill the bolts directly into the center of each stud. Repeat this process in at least 2 studs. Even if the mount isn't properly centered, you can adjust the alignment of the TV afterwards without compromising the structural integrity of your wall. By doing this, you will ensure that your TV stays on the wall and doesn't rip through your sheetrock because it is too heavy.

Remove toys from the vicinity

While your children will probably bring toys in the room, keeping toys out of the TV room will decrease the likelihood one will get thrown too close to the TV. Keep a sharp eye out for anything heavy and for toys that are often thrown (like balls). If possible, make the TV room strictly for TV. 

Limit screen time

Children often get a bit antsy when they have been watching TV for too long, which may lead to wrestling or fighting. If you only allow them to watch for short periods of time, they will be paying too much attention to their show to cause trouble. Once the TV is off, send them elsewhere to play. 

If your kids somehow out-play these tips, call a local repair professional (such as Bammel TV Service).