Using Your DJ Equipment To Show Music Videos

If you are a disc jockey who has decided to start showing videos along with the music you play for your customers, you may have wondered how to get the images from your laptop to the televisions in the establishment where you play. There are a few pieces of equipment necessary to be able to transfer pictures or moving video from computers to televisions. Here are some instructions in how to improve your disc jockeying capabilities by adding video to your shows.

Start With DJ Equipment

The laptop you use to store your music files will need to have the proper port available to convert the images to other screens. Look for a laptop with an HDMI or VGA slot on the side of the keyboard.

If you have a standard mixing board, you will not be able to use a video feature with amplified sound. You need to purchase a mixing board that has video capabilities. These have small monitors hooked up directly to through the mixing board, allowing you to view your video before projecting it to a television. 

Find Some Software

If you have MP3 files on your laptop, you may want to make your own videos from images or recordings you have taken of the crowd. You will need a software program to match the music to the images. There are several available on the market and with a little time you will be able to cut and paste photos or video clips into the program to play along with the music you have selected.

If you have MP4 files, you will be able to play them with a click of the mouse without the need of a program. Store any video files in specified folders in your document storage area so you can find them easily when you wish to play a specific video for the crowd. 

Make The Conversion

To play the files for your customers, it will first need to go through your system so it is amplified through your speakers.  Purchase an HDMI to AV or a VGA to AV converter (depending on your laptop's wire port) to transfer the video from your laptop through an audio/video wire that plugs into your mixing board. You will need audio/video wires to hook from your mixing board to the televisions in the establishment as well.

Your mixing board will come equipped with a switch that will show what you are playing from your laptop to the televisions. Make sure your laptop volume is turned up high enough and set the monitor setting to be duplicated so it will show on both your laptop and external screens.

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