How To Make Your Earbuds Stay Put

You've purchased the perfect earbuds for the ultimate listening experience. However, you can't enjoy your tunes when your earphones keep slipping out! Fortunately, there are a number of tricks for making sure you don't have to battle your headphones to use them.

Personal Adjustments

Be prepared to make a few adjustments to get that right fit. First things first, make sure you purchase the right kind. You'll want earphones that are not flat but are squishy enough to fit the contours of your ears. Many earbuds come with silicon tips in various sizes, so take the time to test them to determine the appropriate size.

You'll also have to play with your ear a bit. It's recommended that you tug on the outer part of your ear as you tuck in the earbud. When background noise is significantly diminished, you know you have properly sealed your ear.

Last, don't neglect to clean and maintain your earbuds. They may not be sticking in right due to the oil and wax coming from your ears. So clean the earphones with soap and water and use a toothbrush on the inner metal part if you have to. Additionally, roll up the cord when you're done listening so that they won't form tangles and then fall out more often.

Helpful Products

You may consider buying a couple of extra products to make sure your earbuds do their job. Some people will opt to buy earphone clips that are fastened to earbuds and attach over the top of the ear. Alternatively, you can buy stabilizers that are plastic wedges in the ear which prevent the earphones from wiggling. These two products are highly recommended for those who work out or move frequently while listening to headphones.

Quick Hacks

There are a few quick and easy recommendations if you're going for a cheap fix. One really simple solution is to not let your earphone wires hang down; rather, flip the earphones upside down before inserting them in your ears and let the wire hang over your ears.

Some folks will tell you to tie the earphone wires. Form a loop and tighten it enough so it will fit over your ears but won't slip. Your earphones will not fall off as long as your ears hang on your face.

Earbuds don't have to be a hassle if you know how to use them properly. With these tips and tricks, you should be able to enjoy their function fully.