Tips For Buying Extension Cord Adapters Online

Extension cord adapters can convert cords to international plugs, extend appliance plugs to the wall, and change a two-prong plug to a grounded three-prong plug. If you cannot find what you are looking for in a brick and mortar store, you can always buy extension cord adapters online. Here are a few tips about buying these electronic goods online.

Buying Adapters That Work with American Plugs

If you need to buy adapters to convert your plugs to international outlets, you have to make sure that the adapters you buy work with American plugs. More to the point, they have to be able to work with the common wattage and voltage used for the devices you want to adapt. International current runs differently than American current, and usually runs on higher voltage.  The adapters you buy should convert lower voltage to higher voltage if you are trying to plug your American razor into an international outlet, or they should convert higher voltage to lower if you bought a foreign electronic device and need to reverse the electrical connection. Look for this information in the product descriptions and if it is not there, be sure to contact the seller via email or phone to get the information before making a purchase.

Buying Adapters One at a Time or Multiples

While you certainly could buy adapters one at a time, you may find that you could save some money by buying multiples or purchasing "mix and match" sets. This may be quite useful, especially if you have more than one extension cord that will not only require an adapter but also require different adapters.  If you choose to purchase the adapters through online auctions rather than through retailers, ask the seller if he or she has any special offers on the adapters he/she currently sells through this particular marketing route. Then you can purchase what you need and maybe even save on shipping costs when you purchase the adapters through the same seller and not through several different sellers.

Buying Three-Prong Adapters

When you buy three-prong adapters online, be sure to check the product information and make absolutely certain that the third plug in the adapter is the grounding circuit. Some plug adapters may convert your extension cords from two prongs to three, but the third prong may not be grounded. This could result in some serious injuries, especially if you plan to use the extension cords outside and there is a lot of rain or snow on the ground.