How To Organize Your Cords So That They Don't Look Like A Rat's Nest

Cords are annoying. We need to have them in order to charge all of our electric gadgets and appliances, but they can also make any area near an outlet look like a rat's nest. Luckily, it's relatively easy to reduce the amount of clutter around your outlets by using a few simple organizational tips. Follow these tips to organize your power cords.  1. Streamline Your Wires One of the first areas that you are likely going to want to tackle is the area by your home entertainment system.

5 Tips For Keeping Your TV Safe From Rambunctious Kids

There's nothing more frustrating than having your kids break your TV. Whether it was an errant ball or an overzealous game of tag, it is always an expensive and unnecessary repair. Here are some tips to help you avoid breaking your TV in the first place. Use a screen protector You can get screen protectors for TVs, just like you can for smartphones. These can be very beneficial because they will take the brunt of any damage and save your TV's LCD so you can view it another day.

Setting Up A Balanced Home Network For Work And Leisure

With high speed Internet making work and play from home a lot easier, many Internet users are seeing some of the more subtle problems that exist even with the fastest connection. Consistency, traffic priorities and security concerns have become a bigger part of the way people manage their connections. Whether you're a home office worker on Internet-supported business or a media aficionado who wants to consume videos and music without sacrificing everything else, consider a few ways that a properly configured router can make your network performance a lot more smooth.

Tips On Creating A Mini-Apartment In Your House For Your Elderly Mother

Are you planning on having your mother or mother-in-law move into your home? Is your mother worried that she'll lose her independence when she moves into your home? Is she concerned that giving up her apartment means she'll have to give up her personal lifestyle? Here are some ideas to help you convert her room into a mini-apartment: Kitchen area: Stash a mini-refrigerator inside a large nightstand and place it in a corner, cutting off part of the nightstand''s back so that the fridge doesn't get overheated.